My work is a visual interaction with and response to my interpretation of contemporary feminism. I reframe universally recognisable points of reference spanning art history, literature, theory, film, advertising, pop-cultural figures, music; captivating the accidental audience as well as the intentional art audience. Utilising products of the patriarchy as a tool to navigate its effects, I re-stage the objectification of women, allowing the viewer to map out connections and propose new relationships in the context of gender politics.  The overload of information within some pieces imitates the zymotic effects of social media, where the ability to form solid moral views is hindered, or else rendered impossible. 

My version of feminism accepts that our experience is multifaceted and ever shifting. The plastic Playboy bunny aesthetic is only one avenue of sexual expression, but is an example of the singular notions of female sexuality that are fed to us. I embrace the grey area, where desire meets disdain. It is possible to be wholly aware of and challenge the systemic issues feminism faces, while embracing aspects that are confusing to us. In this way, my practice is a satirical overlapping of the celebration and critique of social culture.